Saturday, December 11, 2010

Micro Teacup Yorkie Puppies For Sale Ms Puppy Connection

Micro Teacup Yorkies For Sale To New York City, NY!

Buffy is a gorgeous, top quality yorkie female. She is of Luxury TOP NOTCH quality. Super short face, gorgeous eyes and she will retain the dark color. She is going to be about 2 pounds full grown. Absolute tiny little sweetheart! Amazing, gorgeous babydoll face and simply excellent hair coat. She is that tiny little yorkie you have been dreaming about. Simply perfection! Buffy is a true little joy and has so much love and sweetness to share with her new family. She is the perfect pocket puppy to take anywhere you go. Call us at 1-888-743-0325 to reserve Buffy.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ms Puppy Connection ~ Black Friday Discount Day!

Ms Puppy Connection will be offering $200 discount off any puppy of your choice on Friday November 26, 2010. Visit to see our available teacup sized puppies. Call us at 1-888-743-0325 for more information on our puppies for sale and to get more information about our discount.

Pomeranian Characteristic ~ Ms Puppy Connection

Pomeranian Characteristics

Pomeranian Puppies make great pets for families. They typically are very friendly dogs with outgoing look on life. Pomeranian Puppies love to be around their families all the time. They quickly bond with their family and can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone too long. Pomeranian's are intelligent dogs and are easy to train. The breed is great for apartment living and are very active indoors. Pomeranians are great companion dogs. They are a good natured and a very loving dog. They also have a lot of "spunk" to cheer you up. Pomeranians come in a varity of colors and sizes. Sizes can range from approximately 3 pounds to about 12 pounds, with the ideal show quality size being 4 to 7 pounds and the average weight is 3 to 7 pounds.

The average life expectancy of Pomeranian is 12 to 16 years. A well bred dog with a good diet will have few health problems and if kept slim and fit a Pomeranian is a sturdy little dog. Grooming your Pomeranian on a daily basis is a must.

Pomeranian's have a thick double coat, and while grooming is not difficult, breeders recommend that it is done daily because of the thickness of the coat and the constant shedding. The outer coat is long straight, and harsh in texture while the undercoat is soft, thick and short. The coat knots and tangles easily, particularly when the undercoat is being shed, which happens twice a year.

The Pomeranian is one of America's favorite breed and is very popular.

Pomeranian also will go through many changes within the first year of their life. It happens to 80 percent. We call this the "pom uglies" stage in their development.

This is the time between Pomeranian puppy-hood and adulthood ‚ usually starting at about 3-4 months and diminishing at about 6-8 months. During this development phase the puppy’s coat starts to thin out and look scruffy, which coupled with a growth spurt causes the puppy to look gangly and scraggly. After about 6-8 months this phase begins to end and your Pom’s coat, face development and musculature begin to enter the adult stage and your “ugly” little pom will transform with a beautiful new coat. The inner-coat will grow first and then the coarse guard hairs will follow as the Pomeranian matures at 8-12 months. At about a year you should have a pretty good idea of what your puppy is going to look like as an adult. This whole process may repeat between 12-16 months. Pomeranian do not receive their full adult coat until they are about 2 years of age. To keep your Pom’s thick coat free of mats you may need to administer regular brushings. Brushing regularly will also help keep your home free of great big clumps of hair. This is a normal process so there is no need for concern.

Monday, November 15, 2010

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